Microsoft Office Consulting

Everyone knows how to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, right? To an extent. The problem is that these Microsoft Office programs are too easy to use inefficiently and ineffectively.

  • Do you have documents, spreadsheets, and presentations you create on a regular basis: letters, proposals, reports, or product presentations?
  • How much time do you spend making those documents, worksheets, and presentations look the way you want?
  • Do they look the way you want? Do they do what you wish they would do?
  • Would saving 50 hours a year be worth that small investment?

In Word and PowerPoint, an automated, template-driven solution can save you an hour or more on each document or slide you create.

In Excel, the rewards of good design and automation can be even more astounding. Get exactly the information you need from your spreadsheets, whenever you want it, by simply clicking a button. No more manual data conversion and formula entry. No more hand-formatting every time you create a report. And chances are, you’re not even asking Excel to do what you really need, because you’re not sure how.

MS Office LogoThe Writ Wilcox team has 20 years of experience in designing and using Word-based publishing systems. They’ve written books about it, solved customers problems, and published their own books while bypassing expensive page-layout steps. We also have that same depth and breadth of experience with PowerPoint.

And Adam Wilcox quite literally wrote the book on Excel. More accurately, he’s the author of over 20 books on Excel, from version 3.0 to Excel 2007. Macros, pivot tables, graphs, and reports both simple and complex… he uses his unique problem-solving insight and encyclopedic knowledge of the Excel genome to provide solutions no one else can.