Editorial Services

editorial2Whether you have an idea or a nearly finished manuscript, Writ Wilcox will make your publication the best it can be. We offer comprehensive editorial services, as well as design, graphics, and publishing.

Outline Review

We'll help identify missing pieces and parts that might be left out, to strengthen the whole. Involving us from the start will save a great deal of effort later.

Developmental Edit

A developmental edit looks at your publication from a high level. Have you included all the important pieces? Are there parts that could be omitted or moved? Is the tone right for your audience? Is the point of view consistent?

Copy Edit

A copy editor goes through your publication from start to finish, improving grammar, syntax, and paragraph structure. No publication should go out the door without one.


Proofreading is the final quality check of your publication. Its purpose is to catch the small things that the copy edit might have missed: stray punctuation, misspellings, incorrect homophones and homonyms