Site Design

Function and Form

Many designers take a flashy approach (pun intended) to site design. We have those skills, but our first questions to you will always be about what you want to accomplish and why. From there, we'll help you decide what your site should do, and then we'll come up with an elegant, consistent design that gets you to your goals. As instructional designers, we always insist on clarity and ease of use.

Because of our efficiency, we're able to produce excellent Web sites at very reasonable prices, starting under a thousand dollars.

Dynamic Sites

Polymer Globes Site

We specialize in creating sites based on the Joomla content management system (CMS). After a CMS-based site is set up, you have control over adding, deleting, and editing content without needing to know anything about HTML or Web design. This will save you time and money.

Because it makes adding content so simple, a CMS also encourages you to make your site a living marketing tool. There are also literally thousands of modules available for Joomla that make it simple and inexpensive to add all sorts of functionality: e-commerce, galleries, audio and video, calendars, newsletters, and more.

Contact us to learn more about how Joomla can efficiently achieve the goals you have for you site.



Static Sites

The Kinetic Pen SiteWe also design static sites for companies and people who don't think they need to change their sites often. These range from very inexpensive sites based on Writ Wilcox templates, to highly-customized designs that express your unique artistry.

All Writ Wilcox sites include:

  • Incorporation or your logo and custom colors
  • Limited royalty-free stock images
  • Site build and limited monthly maintenance
  • One year free Bronze-level hosting