Carl Pultz

Carl PultzTechnical writing, creative wordsmithing, sound design, voicing, images. Carl Pultz’s breadth pays dividends when cross-disciplinary insights are key to communication. Carl’s ear hears the right tone.

Carl did his first professional radio work at sixteen, and later spent a decade as on-air host, producer, and music director for one of the nation’s most successful classical radio stations. A visual sensibility brought him into the world of commercial and editorial photography, where he shot everything from food to breaking news. The nineties found him in IT, managing distributed applications and interoperability at a mega-corp. In the new century, he’s adapted all those prior skills to the world of instructional media.

Carl is married to writer/editor Michele Markert. They have two cats and a bungalow in Rochester, NY. When he’s not developing courseware, he mixes podcasts and radio shows, specializing in the rarefied art of classical music recording. Few things thrill him as much as being in a new place with a camera. Free evenings often find him listening to LPs, reading politics or history, or playing with those cats.